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TV39 washroom help needed

Repaired or replaced?.
Can it be mended or will it need to be replaced?

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TV39 washroom help needed

Postby Zac6 » 1. Apr 2019, 20:34

Hi, my washroom walls are missing including whatever screwed into the floor and roof! I want to restore her. I’ve manage to find and buy a second hand tv folding sink just got nowhere to put it. I still have the pump, foot switch and waste hole in place. Any help or pictures would be wonderful. I’m also hunting for the larger table as mine was chopped up by the previous owner. Thankfully I have the small one in one piece.
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Re: TV39 washroom help needed

Postby Dormy » 4. Apr 2019, 22:29

Hi Zac,
Welcome to the forum.

I can't answer your question about the toilet compartment as our van doesn't have one. I hope someone replies with info and pics which help or you get the answer through the Facebook page where I think you have already posed a request. If these fail you could check out pictures of some of those that are/have been for sale on Ebay etc. Maybe even get to see one and check it out.

Alternatively, why not make a visit to the annual get-together in August if you can - you don't need to bring your van if it's not ready (or even stay over). You will probably get a good chance to closely inspect and measure several toilet compartments and get some ideas for equipment etc.

Hope that helps
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